We are now operating under strict Covid-19 Orange Light business guidelines. For more information, please click here.
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      AS AT 13 APRIL 2022
      We will continue to be vigilant with our online orders, email orders, phone in orders and contactless pick ups when required to, in our store under any Alert Levels. 
        We will do everything we can to ensure our on going business is safe for everyone concerned during these uncharted business trading times. 
      We have strict ongoing protocols and policies set in place for the safety and health of our team and our clients.
      These policies, whenever need to, includes a slightly reduced team in order to maintain safe work distancing. This may mean that we cannot answer your emailed requests straight away, but we promise we will be doing our absolute best possible while working under Orange  Light
      Hospital Deliveries
      Currently, we are still delivering to all hospitals in Auckland.
       All pick ups in our store will continue to be contactless, so please provide us with your contact phone number and your preferred time for pick up. 
      Should we need to, we will contact you when your order is ready for you and also, for just in case there are delays at our end.
      We will have your flowers ready outside the store when you arrive.
      We will be adhering to the 2 meter rule at all times.
      We will also require you to scan our QR Covid Tracking code upon any pick ups.
      Thank you.
      Please let’s help each other.
      Please be patient with us, should we be running behind schedule!
      Thank you. 
      Stay safe and take care of yourself and your family!  X